What Is The Deck Of An Engine?

  • The deck is located at the top of the engine block.
  • The height of the piston deck in proportion to the top of the block is referred to as piston deck height.
  • The fact that the piston top protrudes beyond the top of the head is referred to as a positive deck height.
  • It is below the deck if the sign is negative.
  • The height of the block deck is measured from the centerline of the crankshaft to the top of the engine block.

What is an engine block deck, and how does it work? The engine block deck is the surface area of an engine block that is closest to the top of the block. At this stage, we will have the mating between the block wall of the engine and the outside walls of the cylinders completed.

What is the difference between deck and engine department in ship?

According to the chief engineer, ″the Engine department is responsible for the ship’s propulsion and all technical concerns that arise on board the ship.″ While the Deck department (under the command of the captain) is responsible for the ship’s navigation, shipboard administration, safety, and stability.″

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