What Is Corsair Utility Engine?

What is the Corsair software?

CORSAIR iCUE software connects all your compatible products together in a single interface, giving you complete control of everything from RGB lighting and effects to fan speeds and temperature monitoring.

What works with Corsair iCUE?

6.19 of CORSAIR LINK before installing iCUE.

  • iCUE Version 3.3.103.
  • Keyboards: K55 RGB. K63.
  • Mice: Dark Core RGB. Dark Core RGB SE.
  • Hydro Series Coolers: H80i GT. H100i GTX.
  • Power Supplies: AX760i. AX860i.
  • LINK Devices: Commander PRO.
  • CORSAIR RGB Fans: SP RGB 120/140.

Do I need Corsair iCUE?

Yes, you don’t need iCUE running once you have a viable curve established. We have hardware lighting options now, so there is some control for that as well without the software. If you don’t have a ton of peripherals, you are not as dependent on iCUE.

Is Corsair a good brand?

Corsair is top notch. Their brand not only builds good quality hardware, but their hardware is actually much more functional game-wise than Razer. High quality products and functional gaming peripherals. Again, like Corsair, highly customizable and affordable.

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Who is Corsair owned by?

Corsair Gaming

Type Public
Owner EagleTree Capital (92%) (June 2020)
Number of employees 1,990 (June 2020)
Subsidiaries Elgato Origin PC SCUF Gaming Gamer Sensei Visuals by impulse
Website corsair.com

What’s the difference between Corsair Link and iCUE?

Link is End-of-life. it was the old package for inside-the-box devices. Everything is merged now into iCUE. iCUE allows you to control all of your Corsair devices from one place.

How do you control Corsair RGB?

Make sure that you update iCUE and your CORSAIR VENGEANCE RGB PRO to the latest firmware before you enable full software control.

To enable full software control:

  1. Open iCUE.
  2. Click the SETTINGS tab.
  3. Select the VENGEANCE RGB PRO in the DEVICE SETTINGS section.
  4. Tick the Enable full software control checkbox.

What is Corsair RGB?

Ignite your creativity with HD120 RGB’s individually controlled LEDs or plug and play with the SP120 RGB’s vibrant lighting and vivid animations. With your choice of vivid lighting modes and included 3-speed controller, CORSAIR’s all new RGB LED series provides an ultra-vibrant and customizable look for your rig.

Does iCUE work with non Corsair products?

No, you won’t be able to control them with iCUE.

Does Corsair k55 work with iCUE?

Thanks. It is compatible, this is the model I have. However, you can’t control each LED individually like the higher models.

Do I need a Corsair RGB hub?

So yes, if you want to control the RGB on all of your fans using iCue software, you will need the hub and either a Commander or Lighting Node Pro. Check out Zotty’s CORSAIR RGB Hardware and iCUE Eco-System FAQ for more information and diagrams on how to connect your hardware.

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Does iCUE affect performance?

Icue uses GPU acceleration for some reason. Both combined could explain why you’ve got such a massive performance hit. Actually, what is happening with 3.19 is that for some reasons it is causing a lot of hardware interrupts to the CPU.

How do I link Corsair RGB?

Enable Aura Sync

  1. Install or update iCUE.
  2. Install the Aura Sync plug-in.
  3. Open iCUE, then click SETTINGS at the top of the window.
  4. Click the icon for your system memory.
  5. Select the Enable full software control.
  6. Open Aura Sync.
  7. Click the Link/Unlink button beneath the DRAM icon.
  8. When asked if you want to save changes, click Yes.

Is Corsair Link still supported?

Link is dead. Everything is moving to iCUE.

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