What Engine Is In The Gmc Terrain?

The Terrain is equipped with a turbocharged 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine mated to a nine-speed automated transmission and available with either front- or all-wheel drive as standard.

Does the GMC Terrain come with a V6?

The GMC Terrain is powered by a basic 2.4-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 182 horsepower, with an optional 3.6-liter V6 engine that produces 301 horsepower. An automated gearbox with six gears is standard with any engine.

Which GMC Terrain has a V6 engine?

SLE-2, SLT-1, and SLT-2 vehicles will be able to get the new V6 as a stand-alone option for $1,725 when ordering the new V6. It will be necessary to pay a $2,025 more for the top-of-the-line Terrain Denali, which has enhanced 19-inch chrome-clad wheels as well as other features.

Do GMC terrains have engine problems?

Problems with the engine Terrain owners have reported a variety of concerns with their vehicle’s engine that have yet to be identified as a specific cause, including high oil consumption, stalling, inadequate engine power, and significant engine damage. These problems may manifest up as early as 52,000 miles or as late as 108,000 miles depending on the vehicle.

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What problems do GMC terrains have?

  1. Transmission failure is the secondary issue that occurs the most frequently with the GMC Terrain and should be avoided at all costs. Transmission breakdowns may be just as expensive and frustrating to cope with as engine issues, if not more so. Failure of the transmission Failure of the entire transmission system
  2. Inability to do a proper reset after a repair
  3. Failure of the powertrain

Does GMC Terrain have a good engine?

Terrain Engine (also known as Terrain Engine 1.0) Because the improved engine that GMC previously provided in the Terrain is no longer available, all Terrain grades are equipped with the same 170-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine as before. This engine performs admirably in town, but its lack of power becomes apparent at higher speeds.

Is GMC SLE or SLT better?

While the SLT seats are finished in perforated leather, those in the SLE seats are upholstered in quality fabric. The SLT also includes an updated eight-way power front driver’s seat as standard equipment. Instead of the SLE’s basic 7-inch GMC infotainment system, the SLT has an 8-inch GMC infotainment system, which is more advanced.

What is the Chevy equivalent of the GMC Terrain?


GMC Terrain Chevrolet Equinox
Horsepower 170 hp @ 5,600 rpm Same
Torque 203 lb-ft @ 2,000 rpm Same
Fuel Economy (city/hwy) 26/30 mpg 26/32 mpg

What is the difference between a GMC Terrain SLE 1 and SLE 2?

SLE-SLE1 is the fundamental equipment.Roof rack, power seat, Pioneer sound, uplevel cloth seats, heated seats, and autostart are all available as options on the SLE2.SLT1 adds leather, heated seats, and autostart, as well as a better standard steering wheel.The SLT2-model now includes a sunroof and a motorized liftgate as standard equipment.Denali includes a motorized passenger seat as well as body colored trim around the wheel wells and tires.

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What does SLE stand for GMC?

″Special Luxury Edition″ is an abbreviation for ″Special Luxury Edition.″ The SLE is a fantastic choice for drivers searching for a GMC truck that is one step beyond the basic and SL versions. It is also an ideal choice for drivers wanting for a bit more standard comforts in the external and interior features of their vehicle, such as power windows and mirrors.

How long do GMC Terrain engines last?

With a service life of 300,000 miles, the GMC Terrain may provide more than 20 years of reliable service. However, this is contingent on the vehicle being properly maintained, serviced on a regular basis, and driven responsibly; failing to do so can result in a major reduction in vehicle lifetime.

What is the life expectancy of a GMC Terrain?

You can anticipate a GMC Terrain to survive for 300,000 kilometers without experiencing any major problems. According to the manufacturer, if you drive an average of 15,000 miles each year, your car will last around 20 years. For this degree of lifespan to be achieved, it is essential to perform regular maintenance and use the equipment responsibly.

Do GMC terrains have transmission problems?

Such issues aren’t difficult to identify. Transmission difficulties in a GMC Terrain might manifest itself as shifting delays, grinding or leaping during acceleration, a shaky sensation, whistling noises, and a burning smell emanating from beneath the hood, among other symptoms.

Do GMC terrains burn oil?

Chevrolet Equinox and GMC Terrain vehicles with the poorest fuel economy are on the market. And any model year of either vehicle between 2010 and 2013 will almost certainly face difficulties with oil usage. A number of the 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engines that were in use during those years have a proclivity for burning oil too soon.

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Are GMC terrains good in snow?

When driving in favorable snowy conditions, owners have a favourable opinion of the vehicle. The GMC Terrain has a height clearance of 6.9 – 7.9 inches, which allows it to be used in heavy snowfall without being compromised. Furthermore, the Terrain is equipped with all-wheel drive as well as a snow/ice mode, which provides additional traction when driving in snowy situations.

Where is the GMC Terrain made?

GMC Terrain is proudly manufactured in Mexico and its quality is acknowledged by GMC consumers across the world, according to Wilberto del ngel, Marketing Manager for GMC at General Motors Mexico, in a statement.

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