Readers ask: Which 2jz Engine To Buy?

Are all 2JZ the same?

The 2JZ-GTE is a totally different animal all together. Swapping the 2JZ-GTE into an IS300 is a lot more work, even though they share the same engine series and overall design (read the forums at ) Rod, piston, and crankshaft strength are overly done.

Can you buy a new 2JZ engine?

No, You Can‘t Buy a 2JZ Engine Swap Kit for the 2020 Toyota Supra—Yet.

Which 2JZ is better VVTI or non VVTI?

The internals are still the same toughness and quality. The VVT system gives the engines better and more immediate torque down low and at least in stock form very slightly better fuel economy and slightly lower emissions (compared to a JDM 2JZGTE NonVVT-i).

How much HP can a stock 2JZ handle?

In fact, most tuners consider the 2JZ-GTE’s bottom end as capable of withstanding up to 800 ponies. Yes, 800 horsepower on stock internals.

Is there a 3jz engine?

The 2021 Toyota Supra was recently revealed, offering a new A91 Edition, more power from its BMW-sourced six-cylinder engine, and even a more affordable four-cylinder version.

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Why was the 2JZ discontinued?

Because the 2JZ-GTE technology nearly 30 years out of production. In emissions and reliability form, it is heavy, and inefficient. The old 2JZ-GTE has been out of production for quite a while, and it was apparently deemed not to be cost-effective to develop tooling for an all-new inline 6 for a low volume car.

What cars came with a 2JZ in the US?


  • Toyota Altezza AS300/Lexus IS300.
  • Toyota Aristo/Lexus GS300.
  • Toyota Crown/Toyota Crown Majesta.
  • Toyota Mark II/Toyota Chaser/Toyota Cresta.
  • Toyota Origin.
  • Toyota Progres.
  • Toyota Soarer / Lexus SC300.
  • Toyota Supra.

How much does a 2JZ engine swap cost?

It really depends on who does the swap and how much you are willing to spend it can go anywhere from $5k to $15k really depending on how deep you wanna get into it.

What can you swap a 2JZ into?

Our Favorite 2JZ Swaps

  • GReddy/Scion Racing/Ken Gushi’s Scion FR-S.
  • Westly Yacinthe’s 1993 Mazda RX-7.
  • Ranz Motorsports’ 1973 Mercedes 280C.
  • Kazama Auto’s 2005 Lexus IS 250.
  • C&Y Sports’ Nissan Fairlady Z.
  • Scott Kanemura’s 1972 Toyota Hilux Pickup.
  • Chris Bishop’s 1996 Infiniti Q45.
  • Rogue Status’ 2008 Scion xB.

What made the 2JZ so good?

Papadakis also points out that the 2JZ is a closed-deck engine, which means the cylinders themselves are quite strong. This is why the 2JZ-GTE can handle a ton of turbo boost pressure. The 2JZ-GTE also benefits from a well-designed three-layer steel head gasket that can withstand high boost pressure without blowing.

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What does VVTi stand for?

Tokyo―TOYOTA MOTOR CORPORATION announced today the development of its new “Variable Valve Timing-intelligent” (VVT-i) technology, which increases performance and fuel economy.

Can you turbo a 2JZ-GE?

The non-turbo engine is called a 2JZGE, and while it has a shared basic design (inline 6) of the twin-turbo (2JZGTE) engine, it is a different beast. You CANNOT utilize turbo kits designed for the 2JZGTE Twin Turbo Supra engine on a non-turbo Supra engine (at least without a lot of work, time and money).

How much horsepower does a twin turbo 2JZ have?


Engine Code: 2JZ-GTE
Displacement (cc): 2997cc
Bore & Stroke (mm): 86mm x 86mm
Peak Horsepower (@ RPM): 854 whp @ 7700 rpm

Can you tune a stock 2JZ ECU?

Yes, you can run the stock ECU and stock fuel on a single but you really need a fuel controller to tune the most performance out of it and be able to raise the boost to acceptable levels.

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