Readers ask: How Many Hours Does A Boat Engine Last?

How many hours on a boat motor is bad?

What you consider to be too many hours on a boat motor will depend, with some people say boat engines with over 1,000 hours will start to give you trouble. Most experts agree that a gas boat engine with over 1,500 hours is a lot.

Is 200 hrs on a boat motor a lot?

The average boater uses his or her boat about 50 hours per season, so use that as a good rule of thumb. If a boat is four years old, then about 200 hours would be about normal. If it’s five years old, 250 is about right, and so forth.

What is considered low hours on a boat motor?

A well taken care of outboard with 1000 hours on it could easily have an additional 1000-2000 more hours on it. A poorly maintained outboard isn’t worth anything even at only 20 hours. That said for outboards I would consider anything under 200 hours as low hours.

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How many hours is too many on an outboard motor?

Fairly low hours for an 04 motor. If maintained correctly it can easily go well beyond 1000 hoursif it’s been rode hard and put up wet with poor maintenance it might not make it to 366.

Is 1100 hours on a boat a lot?

1100 boat hours would equate to the equivalent work done in 110,000 auto miles. How well it was maintained will make the difference in whether it is long worn out, or about half way through its life.

Is 1000 hours a lot on a boat?

The number of hours that a marine engine runs is very dependent on the amount and quality of maintenance over the years. The typical gasoline marine engine will run fine for the first 1,000 hours. It is at this juncture that the engine starts to exhibit small problems.

How many hours is too many on a boat?

Unless you are looking at a really high hour boat (2,000+ hours) there are typically very few drawbacks to the number of hours a boat has. In fact, a boat with normal hours (50-75 per year) will often time run better than a boat with low hours.

What are the worst boat brands?

Boat Brands to Avoid

  1. Bayliner. Since 1976, the US Coast Guard has received 14 complaints about Bayliner boats.
  2. Monterey. Next on our list of boat brands to avoid is Monterey boats.
  3. Luhr. Luhr has been building boats for more than 60 years.
  4. Kingfisher. Another brand on our list of boat brands to avoid is Kingfisher.
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Is 700 hours a lot for a boat?

Most people say average engine life of a 350/ 5.7 class engine in a tow boat is between 2000-2500 hours. Many go more. 700 hours on a 10-15 year old boat that is well kept is no big deal.

Is 600 hours on a boat motor a lot?

Active member. My “normal” use (for a private pleasure craft) is 120 – 150 hours per year. 600 hours in 15 years is small use. Remember that private boats tend to suffer from lack of use rather than too much.

How many hours will a 4 stroke outboard last?

A typical outboard engine should provide 1,500 hours of run time, if it is properly maintained. Changing your oil every 50 hours of operation or six months will double or triple your engine’s life. Running your engine regularly, with proper flushing after each use, also extends your outboard’s service.

How much does a boat engine overhaul cost?

In a very general sense, you can expect the cost of rebuilding your engine to run you anywhere between $2,500 and $4,500 depending on parts as well as labor.

Is 500 hours a lot for an outboard motor?

A motor could need a complete rebuild at less than 500 hours if improperly maintained, or could have quadruple that and still have life left if well taken care of.

How many hours will a Yamaha 150 four stroke last?

Four-stroke motors boast lower operating costs, are more environmentally responsible, and are generally quieter than two-stroke engines. These motors can run over 2,000 hours before looking into major repairs, even longer with proper maintenance.

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What is the best boat for the money?

Best Boat Brands

  • Chaparral.
  • Grady-White.
  • Lund.
  • MasterCraft.
  • Sea Ray.
  • Tracker.
  • Yamaha.
  • Viking Yachts. Although the cost of Viking Yachts will price out the average boat buyer, this brand is still one of the most recognized—and admired—on the ocean.

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