Question: You Are Operating A Pwc. What Will Happen If You Shut Off The Engine?

What is illegal when operating a PWC?

It is illegal to operate a PWC while you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs. PWC must be operated in a careful and responsible manner.

Are operating a PWC you are heading straight toward a dock you turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right which way will the PWC go?

You are heading straight toward a dock. You turn the engine off and then turn the steering control hard right. Which way will the PWC go? It will continue straight toward the dock.

What happens when a PWC steering is turned to the right?

For example, if the steering control is turned right, the nozzle turns right and the jet of water pushes the back of the vessel to the left, which causes the PWC to turn right.

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What is the best way to avoid being run over by your PWC?

Answer: The best way to avoid being run over by your own PWC or motorboat is to wear an ignition safety switch lanyard. Explanation: When the rider wears an ignition safety switch lanyard, the lanyard acts as the agent that keeps the engine of the motorboat in the on state.

Is it illegal to drive a jet ski at night?

Even though a PWC or “jet ski” is classified as a Class A boat (16 ft or under) for navigation lighting purposes, most states do not allow PWC operations at night and so manufacturers do not normally install navigation lights.

Can you drive a jet ski at 14?

No one under 14 years of age may operate a PWC. Persons 14 years old up to 16 years of age may operate if they are accompanied by an adult 18 or older or have a certificate of competency from a NASBLA approved boating education course and some form of ID. No person less than 12 YOA may operate any PWC.

What causes loss of steering in a PWC?

If you allow the engine on a PWC or other jet-propelled vessel to return to idle or shut off during operation, you may lose all steering control. Many PWC will continue in the direction they were headed before the throttle was released or the engine was shut off, no matter which way the steering control is turned.

What part of a PWC is dangerous to your hands?

Keep hands, feet, loose clothing, and hair away from the pump intake area. Before cleaning debris from the pump intake, be sure to shut off the engine. The jet of water exiting the steering nozzle at the rear of the PWC can cause severe internal injuries.

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Under which condition do Pwcs steer most poorly?

PWC operators need to keep in mind that a jet drive requires moving water through the drive nozzle for maneuverability. In other words you must have power applied in order to maintain steering control. If you release the throttle to idle or if the engine shuts off during operation you will lose all steering control.

What do three short blasts of a horn mean?

One short blast tells other boaters “I intend to pass you on my left (port) side.” Two short blasts tell other boaters “I intend to pass you on my right (starboard) side.” Three short blasts tell other boaters “I am backing up (operating astern propulsion).”

What is the risk when a PWC passes too closely behind?

It could create a blind spot and these blind spots could lead to collisions of the boats.

Which action may cause the loss of steering?

Which action may cause the loss of steering ability in a PWC? letting off the throttle control.

How do you get back on a PWC?

How to Get Back on a Jet Ski After Falling – Reboarding Guide

  1. Stay calm.
  2. Turn the engine off.
  3. Flipping over the jet ski.
  4. Reboarding from the rear: Swim to the rear side of the jet ski for reboarding.
  5. Use the reboarding step.

What is the best way to turn a PWC upright?

Most manufacturers have placed a decal at the rear or bottom of the craft that indicates the direction to roll your PWC to return it to an upright position. If no decal exists, check your owner’s manual or ask the dealer. With this information, you should be able to roll the PWC over and reboard with little trouble.

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What is it difficult to reboard a PWC?

Reboarding a PWC, after turning it back upright, can be a difficult process. Begin by approaching the PWC from the correct direction, as indicated by the decal or owner’s manual. Then, pull one’s self up and kneel on the boarding platform and slide onto the seat.

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