How To Port A Rotary Engine?

How much does it cost to street port a 13B?

Intake and Exhaust Porting Pricing
Mild Street Port $500.00 for 4 port Turbo & 6 Port N/A $600.00 for 12A & 13B GSL-SE $600.00 for 13B Renesis $850.00 for 20B
Bridge Port (Level 3 Rebuild or above required) $850.00 for 4 port Turbo $850.00 for 12A & 13B GSL-SE $1100.00 for 20B

What is street porting?

Street Porting is the reshaping and/or enlargement of the stock intake ports within the boundaries of the corner and oil seal tracks to increase the amount of air that is drawn into the engine over a particular RPM range.

How can I get more power out of my rotary engine?

The rotary engine is still a pump so opening it up helps it rev higher and make more power. Opening the inlet and exhaust ports is a big way to make more power at the engine. You still need the rest of the path to open up as well so opening the exhaust and intake path helps.

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How much power can a Na 13B make?

The internals of the 13B-REW are strong enough to endure 700 horsepower, so tuning focuses predominantly on the maintenance of very specific tolerances, fluid pressures and viscosity, and air-to-fuel mixture.

How much power does a 13B Bridgeport make?

The absolute max horse power you can get out of a n/a 13b is 437.588 DUH. But be warned, even. 001 over that and any 13b will open up a black hole right in your engine bay and 437 horses will pop out.

Why do rotary engines BRAP?

The brap comes from large porting where leftover exhaust gasses enter the next intake phase, causing a near stall effect, but the way the rotary works, it basically won’t die unless tuning is off. Since there are two rotors, each with 3 phases (intake, burn/compression, exhaust.)

What does Bridgeport Rotary mean?

The next type of rotary porting is called a “bridge port,” which is generally considered the first stage in race porting. The eyebrows would be longer and extend past the surface of the rotor housing in more extreme types of bridge porting, like the J-port or Monster port.

What does Bridgeport mean?

A port in southwestern Connecticut on Long Island Sound. Classified under: Nouns denoting spatial position.

What does renesis mean?

Renesis is basically a engineered, redesigned engine of the Wankel 13B, with different ports, found on the rotor housing between each rotor than on the side of the engine housing ( forget the names, but you know what I mean), thus increasing the red line, the torque band and fuel mileage.

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What is peripheral port 13B?

Peripheral porting involves completely sealing the side intake ports on the engine irons and creating a very large port on the rotor housing itself. We definitely do not recommend this for any kind of street use. You can expect NA power output of over 280whp at around 9,500rpm with this kind of porting.

What is a 13B engine?

The 13B engine is widely known Mazda Wankel engine. It was produced over 30 years and offered for many Mazda’s models including the RX-7 – legendary Japanese sports car. The first 13B engines had carburetor fuel system and single distributor in the ignition system. Cars using this engine used the AP name (1974-1980).

How much HP can a rotary engine make?

For it’s size, the rotary packs a punch. For reference, the 13B from the RX8 is a 1.3 liter, and produces 232 horsepower. That equates to a ridiculous 178 horsepower per liter. In Theory, that would be equivalent to a 6.0 liter LS2 (from the Corvette) producing 1068 horsepower N/A from the factory.

Which is faster RX7 or RX8?

Mazda RX8 accomplishes the highest speed of 230-240 kmph in no time. The RX7 reaches a top speed of 190-200 kmph. Both RX7 & RX8 are brilliant regarding acceleration. It is one of the coolest difference between Mazda RX8 vs RX7.

How long does rotary engine last?

Those apex seals don’t tend to last long before they need replacing, either. Rebuilding a Wankel at 80,000-100,000 miles is typical, and earlier than most piston engine need such exhaustive work.

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