Why Does My Engine Oil Look Grey?

During the break-in period, it is normal for many new engines to have higher wear metal levels in the oil, which results in the oil having a ‘glitter-like’ gray hue. It should be gone by the time you get to the second or third oil change. If you take good care of your mowers, they should endure for many years.

What does it mean when your engine oil is a different color?

When your engine oil becomes this color, it means that antifreeze from your vehicle’s cooling system has gotten into your engine’s lubricant. This is nearly always the result of a breakdown of the vehicle’s head gasket. Whether you see an odd hue in your oil, first check to see if the level of your radiator or overflow reservoir is low.

How do I know if my oil color is bad?

As a result, the most effective method of evaluating oil color is to first seek for the most evident problems (as described below), and then look for additional symptoms of a problem. It’s possible that you have a head gasket leak if your oil is milky, frothy, or cream colored, especially if you’re witnessing white smoke coming from your exhaust and your car is losing coolant pressure.

Does engine oil have to be dark to work?

Oil may be quite dark (even black) and yet be effective if it is applied correctly. However, as a general rule, when engine oil darkens, it can suggest one of three things: a) excessive heat, b) impurities, or c) the presence of additives that cause the oil to darken even when the engine is running normally.

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What does discolored oil mean on a car?

This means that the engine is not running at the right temperature or that something has leaked into the oil supply, both of which suggest that you should take your vehicle to your technician for an inspection. If so much coolant has migrated into the crankcase, it’s probable that the oil level will be far higher than the Full mark on the dipstick as well.

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