Which 2014 Ford Fusion Engine Is Best?

The 1.6L engine, which produces 178 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque, is the most fuel-efficient engine available for the 2014 Ford Fusion, with a combined fuel economy of 29 miles per gallon. The 1.5L is only available with automatic transmission, but it produces identical power statistics, with 178 horsepower and 177 pound-feet of torque.

What does the Ford Fusion s engine do?

What exactly does it do? The Ford Fusion S comes standard with a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, which is the most powerful available. In addition to providing excellent fuel efficiency and power, this six-speed automatic gearbox also produces 172 horsepower. It achieves 22/34 MPG (city/highway). Who is this engine most appropriate for?

What year Ford Fusion has the worst transmission problems?

The transmission oil has been observed to be leaking from both automatic and manual Fusion transmissions. The biggest transmission faults were found in the 2010-2013 vehicles, with the 2010-2012 versions coming in second and third. Owners have also expressed dissatisfaction with delayed shifts and engine revving.

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Which Ford Fusion is the best to buy?

The Ford Fusion is available in two gasoline and two diesel engine configurations. However, on the highway, they sound harsh. Both the 1.4 and 1.6-liter gasoline engines are smooth and quiet in the city. The 1.4 is the superior choice since it provides enough power for the majority of drivers while still being more fuel efficient.

How many mpg does a Ford Fusion get?

These engines have a higher level of energy and produce substantially faster acceleration.. The addition of these features does not transform this sedan into a speed demon, but they certainly make driving more pleasurable. With its standard engine, the Fusion achieves an estimated 21 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway, according to the EPA.

Which engine is better in Ford Fusion?

Excellent Selection of Engines Do you consider yourself a true driving enthusiast who need a little extra power? If this is the case, the Fusion V6 Sport is the vehicle for you. With a 2.5L EcoBoost® V6 engine that produces excellent performance and a SelectShift® six-speed automatic gearbox, as well as standard all-wheel drive, it is a compelling package.

Is 2014 a good year for Ford Fusion?

What Is the Reliability of the 2014 Ford Fusion? The 2014 Fusion receives a three-out-of-five-star dependability rating from J.D. Power, which is considered to be about average.

What engines were available in 2014 Ford Fusion?

The Fusion is available with a choice of four different engines. An inline four-cylinder engine with a displacement of 2.5 liters and 175 horsepower is standard. A 177-horsepower turbocharged 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine is available, as is a 231-horsepower turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine, and a 181-horsepower 1.5-liter four-cylinder engine.

Is the Ford Fusion 2.5 a good engine?

Because of its low power, the 2.5 Duratec, with a maximum output of 175 horsepower, is sometimes disregarded. While it may not be the engine of choice for serious car enthusiasts, it is a good alternative for individuals who need a dependable and fuel-efficient vehicle to get them from point A to point B.

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Do Ford Fusions have good engines?

Scorecard.Despite the fact that it isn’t the most sporty vehicle in its class, the 2020 Ford Fusion is definitely among the best.It is available with three different powertrains, with the two turbocharged engines providing more than enough power for the majority of drivers.Despite the fact that the Fusion rides nicely, it is also nimble enough to negotiate curving roads without difficulty.

Which Ford Fusion has a V6 engine?

The Ford Fusion SE is a well-loved and dependable four-door sedan that has provided drivers with a dependable alternative year after year for several decades. The 2018 Sport trim level, however, is the only one that features a more potent V6 engine with 325 horsepower and standard all-wheel drive, making it a must-have for anyone searching for more power.

How long do 2014 Ford Fusions last?

If you maintain a regular maintenance schedule on your Ford Fusion, it may normally last up to 200,000 kilometers.

How many miles can a 2014 Ford Fusion last?

How far can a Ford Fusion be driven before it has to be refueled? A well-maintained Ford Fusion is capable of easily exceeding the 200,000-mile milestone. For determining a car’s dependability, this is a benchmark that everyone follows. Fusions have been observed to go as far as 250,000 kilometers or even more.

Does the 2014 Ford Fusion have transmission problems?

Ford Fusions from 2014 have had a number of issues. If you’re looking at used 2014 Ford Fusions, the most typical problems you’ll run across are: transmission failure and engine failure. Repairs might cost up to $3500. Suspension issues have arisen.

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Is the 1.5 EcoBoost a good engine?

In terms of reliability, the 1.5 EcoBoost is a solid performer that does not give too much difficulty. At this time, users have not reported any severe or common difficulties with the mechanical component. The engine does not have any issues with the cooling system, and it does not overheat as easily as the 1.6 EcoBoost engine.

Is a 2014 Ford Fusion a V6 or v8?

This particular model’s engine is a V6, which gives you an idea of how unique it was to this particular model. With a highly specialized engine comes a great deal of output. Ford’s EcoBoost V6 engine produces 325 horsepower and 350 pound feet of torque, due to a turbocharger installed in the engine.

Is the Ford 2.0 L engine good?

Fiability of the Ford 2.0 EcoBoost Despite the fact that Ford built their own block in Gen 2 as opposed to using the Mazda block in Gen 1, all models are nearly identical in terms of reliability. These engines should be able to go 150,000 miles with ease.

Do Ford Fusions have engine problems?

In spite of the fact that there are many major Ford faults that owners are not aware of, the Fusion has well-documented concerns with engine stalls, fires and loss of acceleration. Other issues include noisy creaks and leaks as well as problematic lug nuts and steering failures, among other things.

Who makes Ford 2.5 engine?

Engine: 2.5L Duratec 25 from Ford (Four-Cylinder) This engine was designed in collaboration with Mazda (which is a member of the MZR family), but it was manufactured by Ford, which explains why it was utilized in a range of various vehicle applications from one manufacturer to another throughout the years.

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