Where Is The Engine Coil In Dishonored?

The machine room, which contains the engine coil, is located in the basement of the building.The steps from the first level that go to the basement are unprotected, but the entrance to the machine room will be closed to prevent anyone from entering.Daud will realize that Nurse Trimble is the only one who knows the combination to the door after reading a message that has been put there by someone else.

How do I get the engine coil?

It is possible to kill the geezer in order to obtain the information, then reload a prior save in order to obtain the engine coil. An access to the sewer is located right next to the building. If you steal the engine, I’m not sure if the Hatters would become aggressive, but it’s best to be cautious than sorry.

How to make antitoxin dishonored?

It was discovered in the Dry Storage room on the ground floor, while Metallic Salts were discovered on the Manufacturing floor’s storage room. Take an empty vial and set it on the still, directly next to the valve wheel, and then turn the wheel to close the valve. Daud will drink the antitoxin on his own initiative.

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Where is Trimble’s lab key?

Trimble’s Lab may be accessed through the main stairwell and the back stairwell of the mill with this key. It may be located on the interior of the building, near the entry, on a key rack. You may enter the lab via the balcony outside of the Geezer’s office, which is nearby.

Where is Oxrush flower?

In the Millenary Canal near the location of the rune that was dropped off as a favor during the second objective of The Brigmore Witches, you may find an Oxrush flower that can help you complete your quest. It may also be purchased for fifty coins at Jerome’s Black Market Shop, which is located in the same building.

Where is the Hatter mechanic apartment?

If my recollection serves me correctly, it is at the center right of the map, in the same building as the grandmother recipe. The following was originally submitted by merchantmudcrab: If my recollection serves me correctly, it is at the center right of the map, in the same building as the grandmother recipe.

Where is the key to Emily’s Tower in Dishonored?

Emily’s Tower is a landmark in the city of Toronto. Callista and Emily share a bed in Emily’s Tower, and the key is on the bed next to her (if she survives). It is responsible for opening the door to the tower.

Where is the skeleton key in Dishonored?

It is located in the closet of Lydia Boyle’s bedroom on the second level of the Boyle Estate, where the Dunwall Tower Skeleton Key may be discovered. It provides access to the majority of the doors within Dunwall Tower.

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Where is Piero’s workshop key?

Piero’s Workshop Key may be found during the first visit to The Hound Pits Pub, which is the second visit. It can be found on a table on the second level of Piero’s Workshop, and it unlocks the doors on the street side of the building, as seen in the picture. The Key is only visible once you have slept for the first time.

Where is Jerome in Drapers Ward?

He works as a vendor and lives in a second-floor flat in Drapers Ward with his family.

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