What Engine Was Presentable Liberty Made On?

Presentable Liberty

Menagerie II: Presentable Liberty
Series Menagerie
Engine GameMaker: Studio
Platform(s) Microsoft Windows
Release December 26, 2014

Did the creator of Presentable Liberty commit suicide?

Death. Brock committed suicide on June 6, 2018, as a result of his despair, according to police.

What is the virus in Presentable Liberty?

A common theme and occurrence in all three Menagerie games, including Menagerie I: Exoptable Money, Menagerie II: Presentable Liberty, and Menagerie: Archive, is the presence of the virus. Infected persons get more ill as a result of the virus, which manifests itself in symptoms such as a severe loss of adrenaline, bloody coughing, and trembling throughout the body.

What happens if you dont open the door Presentable Liberty?

If the player obtains the Alternative Ending, the protagonist will perish. You will obtain this ending if you choose to remain within your cell for 30 seconds without opening the door after Doctor Money instructs you not to do so. He then adds that you were not guilty of being imprisoned, but that you were the only one who had functioning organs.

Why is it called Presentable Liberty?

Workplace conformity and limitations, according to the authors of ″Presentable Liberty,″ are detrimental to worker productivity and well-being. It acknowledges the ever-present dread that this system will remain in place indefinitely.

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Does presentable Liberty have multiple endings?

One or both of the following two endings are available in the game, whether you believe it or not: Choosing to leave the cell will result in the player discovering the elevator buttons, which they will then place on the cell. On their way out of the building, they will come across Charlotte’s bakery, which has a last letter.

What happened to the creator of presentable liberty?

He was born on September 16, 1996, in the year 1996. His sadness eventually drove him to take his own life on June 6, 2018 in Los Angeles.

What is the plot of presentable liberty?

When it comes to Presentable Liberty, the protagonist is a prisoner who is not allowed to leave their cell. Every time you open a letter, you make progress in the game, and each letter you collect increases your chances of escaping. In the narrative, a guy by the name of Doctor Money aspired to become the richest man on the face of the planet.

When was Presentable Liberty released?

Presentable Liberty is a free-to-play PC game that was released in 2017 for the Windows operating system.

Is Presentable Liberty good?

I give the game a perfect score of 9/10 in every category. If the story were more contemporary and a few plot holes were straightened out, it would be a fantastic game, but it should be played by everyone and is unquestionably one of the greatest independent games available right now.

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