What Engine Is In 97 Grand Prix?

In an amusing aside, Heugh pointed out that the Grand Prix GPX exhibition vehicle produced 300 horsepower. The son of a $20,000 family/sports player with a Musclecar background.

Pontiac Grand Prix GTP
Engine configuration V-6, OHV, 2 valves/cylinder
Engine displacement, ci/cc 231/3791
Horsepower, hp @ rpm, SAE net 240 @ 5200

What engine did the Pontiac Grand Prix have?

It was available with two different engines: a basic 400 cu in (6.6 L) V8 with a four-barrel carburetor and twin exhausts, which produced 300 horsepower (220 kW); and an optional four-barrel 455 cu in (7.5 L) V8 that produced 325 horsepower (220 kW) (242 kW).

Is a Pontiac Grand Prix a muscle car?

The Pontiac Grand Prix was, in our opinion, a fantastic vintage muscle vehicle throughout its heyday and for the most of its time on the market (six decades). A number of updates and remodels have been carried out on the vehicle since its introduction by General Motors in 1962.

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What Pontiac has a supercharger?

The Pontiac Grand Prix GTP, which was produced from 1997 to 2003, is a supercharged muscle car that goes unnoticed. Pontiac made a significant choice concerning their flagship vehicle, the Grand Prix, at the conclusion of the 1990s. After a decade of no substantial modifications, the mid-size sedan (which was also available as a coupe) had begun to seem a little shabby in comparison.

Does a Pontiac Grand Prix have a supercharger?

The Pontiac Supercharger, contrary to common perception, is not manufactured by the company. These OEM Superchargers are actually manufactured and sold straight to Pontiac by a third-party manufacturer. Pontiac then installs these Superchargers in your Grand Prix at the factory assembly line, which is where your vehicle was built.

What engine is in the GXP?

The Grand Prix GXP is powered by a 5.3-liter V8 engine that produces 303 horsepower at 5600 rpm and 323 pound-feet of torque at 4400 rpm, according to the manufacturer. The V8 is equipped with General Motors’ Active Fuel Management, which deactivates four cylinders when the vehicle is not under load to enhance fuel economy. The V8 delivers 16/25 mpg according to the EPA.

What is the fastest Pontiac Grand Prix?

Fast and agile, the two-door Sport Fury Commando sprints from zero to sixty miles per hour in 6.3 seconds or less. The Sport Fury Commando, which has 365 horsepower, has a peak speed of around 120 mph.

What is the rarest Grand Prix?

I dug up some fascinating information on the 1966 model year and discovered that the full-size Pontiacs that were freestanding models that year were definitely the most scarce of them. The Pontiac Grand Prix was constructed and delivered to Pontiac dealerships in limited numbers, with just 36,757 being built and delivered from a total Pontiac output of over 750,000 automobiles.

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How much horsepower does a 3800 supercharged engine have?

While competing in the Grand Prix race, the 3800 Series III engine produced 200 horsepower, which was a decent deal for the fast sedan’s base configuration. The supercharged 3800 Series III engine, which could be used in the Grand Prix GT or GTP, produced 260 horsepower (depending on the model year).

What does GT stand for in Pontiac Grand Prix?

Gran turismo, often known as ‘great touring,’ is an Italian term meaning ″grand touring.″ Although the identity of the Italian who coined the word gran turismo, or GT, as well as their reasoning, has been lost to history, the definition was clear: a GT automobile was a vehicle that fell somewhere between a sports car and a luxury vehicle.

Do they still make Pontiac Grand Prix?

Over time, a sedan was introduced to the lineup, and the coupe was phased out. GM eventually decided to retire the Grand Prix in 2008, two years before the Pontiac brand was phased out by the company. The Grand Prix was one of Pontiac’s longest-running vehicles, having been in production for more than 50 years.

How fast does a Grand Prix GT go?

What is the maximum speed of a Grand Prix? As of 2012, the highest speed of a Formula 1 vehicle was 360 kilometers per hour. It has the ability to speed from 0 to 100 km/h in less than two seconds. When traveling at 300km/h, the automobile takes ten seconds, yet it only takes six seconds to stop.

What was the last year for Pontiac Grand Prix?

Pontiac did not produce a Grand Prix for the 2009 model year, making the 2008 model the final version of the Grand Prix. In reality, it’s one of the last Pontiacs left on the road, since General Motors has stated that the brand would be phased out by the end of 2009.

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How much HP does a GTP have?

When it comes to horsepower, how much does the Grand Prix GTP have? In addition to the Eaton supercharger, the Grand Prix GTP has an overhead valve 3.8-liter engine that generates 260 horsepower and 280 lb-ft of torque, outperforming even the speedy 240-hp Honda Accord and Nissan Altima. It is the character of the Grand Prix that differentiates it above and beyond the numbers.

What is the difference between a Pontiac GT and GTP?

1. GT is an abbreviation for ‘Grand Touring,’ whereas GTP is an abbreviation for ‘Grand Touring Performance,’ and vice versa. 2. The GT vehicle model is powered by a 3.8-liter engine, but the GTP car type is powered by an Eaton turbocharged engine.

Is the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP fast?

As specified by the manufacturer, the Pontiac Grand Prix GTP 243 PS is capable of reaching high speeds of 225 kilometers per hour (140 miles per hour).

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