How To Put Blog On Search Engine?

Include your blog in search engine results.

  1. Please log in to Blogger.
  2. Choose a blog to list from the drop-down menu on the upper left.
  3. Select Settings from the drop-down menu on the left.
  4. Turn on the Visible to search engines option under ‘Privacy.’

How to submit a blog to the Google search engine (with examples)

  1. First and foremost, register your blog using Google Webmaster Tools.
  2. Include social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest) in your blog submissions.
  3. Use free ″ping″ services to communicate with others.
  4. Make sure that your blog is listed in Bing Webmaster Tools.
  5. Make a sitemap and add robots to it.
  6. Include a video from YouTube.
  7. Create content for search engines.
  8. Write for people who are not robots

Does your blog content help your business rank on search engines?

When you optimize your web pages — including your blog entries — you make your website more visible to individuals who are searching for your product or service on search engines (such as Google). Is your blog material, on the other hand, truly beneficial to your company’s organic search engine ranking?

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Why is my blog not showing up in search engines?

Here are some possible reasons why your website isn’t showing up in search engine results: Google has not yet indexed your website, so please bear with us (too new) You haven’t done anything to improve your website for search engine crawling. The keyword market in which you operate is extremely competitive.

Is Blogger good for SEO?

Is blogging beneficial for search engine optimization? By establishing your website as a relevant response to your clients’ questions, blogging may assist improve the quality of your SEO. Blog entries that make use of a range of on-page SEO methods can increase your chances of ranking higher in search engines while also making your site more interesting to site visitors.

Where do blogs appear?

An online conversation or informational website published on the World Wide Web that consists of discrete, frequently informal diary-style text entries is referred to as a blog (a contraction of ‘weblog’) (posts). Most blogs display posts in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post appearing at the top of the web page and all other posts appearing below.

How do I find blogs on Blogger?

  1. On Blogspot, how do you find a blog? Look it up on Google
  2. Google Custom Search is a search engine that allows you to search for anything on the internet. Searching the * subdomain on Google can also provide promising results when using a Google Custom Search.
  3. Blogger discussion forums.
  4. Facebook.
  5. Twitter.

Why is my blog not on Google?

It is possible that your blog article will not even be indexed by Google (i.e., put to their system) until a few days – or even weeks – after you publish it. One technique to ensure that Google is able to identify your content more quickly is to ensure that your sitemap has been published to Google Search Console and is functioning properly.

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How do I register my blog with Google?

Create a blog

  1. Please log in to Blogger.
  2. Click the Down arrow on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Create a new blog by clicking on the button.
  4. Fill in the blanks with a name for your blog
  5. To proceed, click Next.
  6. Choose a blog’s address or web address
  7. Save your work by clicking on the Save button.

Is Blogger or WordPress better?

In a word, the Blogger platform is superior to the WordPress platform when you are building a blog just for the purpose of writing. The Blogger platform is a fantastic alternative if you are okay with the restricted capabilities that are available to you. WordPress is a superior platform for generating money or having a long-term effect than other platforms.

Should I use Blogger or Google sites?

In fact, Google Sites accomplishes a great deal more. In addition, Blogger offers a significantly improved interface that allows you to drag and drop features while constructing your site, pages, and articles, but WordPress does not. If you have a Google site or a Blogger blog, you will be able to monetise your content right away using a Google Adsense account.

Can I use AdSense on Blogger?

Blogger allows you to earn money by displaying AdSense and other advertisements on your sites.

How do I start blogging?

In 5 Easy Steps, Learn How to Become a Blogger

  1. Choose a blog name and sign up for blog hosting services.
  2. WordPress is a great place to start your blog.
  3. Choose a straightforward theme to personalize your blog
  4. Install two essential blogging plugins to help you find readers and measure your progress.
  5. Compose intriguing material to build a blog that your viewers will enjoy reading
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How can I blog for free?

If you want to create your own blog now, these are the finest free blogging platforms you can use:

  1. Wix (
  2. WordPress ( is a blogging platform.
  3. LinkedIn ( is a social networking site.
  4. Weebly ( is a website-building service.
  5. Medium ( is a social media platform.
  6. Ghost (
  7. is a popular blogging platform.
  8. Tumblr ( is a blogging platform.

What is difference between blog and website?

When Should You Use a Blog and When Should You Use A Website? Blogs are a form of website in its own right. One major distinction between blogs and other types of websites is that blogs are updated on a regular basis with fresh information, which is shown in reverse chronological order (new blog posts first).

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