How Is A Jet Ski Engine Cooled?

Motorcycle engines are designed to be cooled by air flow. The engines of jet skis are water cooled. Installing a motorbike engine into a personal watercraft would need the construction of a water-cooled heat exchanger, which may take far more time and work than simply purchasing a larger jet ski.

Using the water from their surrounding water body to cool their engines, open loop cooling systems operate in the same way as their name indicates. After being drawn into the engine and fully circulating around it, the cold water is ejected through an exhaust and returned to the water source.

How does a Sea Doo cool its engine?

Closed-loop technology allows an unique coolant fluid to flow around the engine in a closed system, where it is cooled by a heat exchanger (ride plate) that is mounted on the bottom of the Sea-hull Doo’s and serves as the engine’s radiator. Closed-loop cooling is similar to open-loop cooling in that it uses the surrounding water to cool the engine.

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